FRESHLY PREPARED ………….All our delicious meals are prepared daily in our kitchen by our dedicated team.

Healthy Meal Choices

We offer nutritional meal options designed to suit any taste and dietary requirement.

Locally Sourced Products

All ingredients used to prepare our meals are sourced from local suppliers.

Dedicated To Quality


Piskula Catering

Piskula Catering is an experienced catering service dedicated to providing school children with tasty,
nutritious meals every lunchtime.
We are passionate about preparing healthy meals that promote well-balanced diets and improve health, growth, and concentration in children. Our selection of hot school meals are available in a four week menu cycle, and our pack lunches and sandwiches come in a range of different varieties and customisation options. Our hot and pack lunch choices are also available to other clients, such as senior homes.

We also offer our catering services to private parties to ensure that you and your guests are provided with delightful, freshly prepared food that will be the perfect addition to your event. Our private catering service includes meals cooked from scratch in our Somerset kitchen, as well as a range of sandwiches and cakes sure to suit any occasion.

Quality Homemade Meals

Prepared From Scratch
Extensive Daily Selections
Freshly Baked Desserts

Delicious Hot or Pack Lunches

All our exquisite meals are prepared using the freshest ingredients in our state-of-the-art kitchen in Somerset. We transport all our meals to your location in heat boxes to ensure that they arrive as hot as when they came out of the oven. We source local produce.

If you or your children are going on a trip, or are looking for an alternative to a hot lunch, we are also able to provide customisable pack lunches.

Special Dietary Requirements
At Piskula Catering, we take great pride in ensuring the utmost safety and enjoyability of our meals. As a result, we operate according to the highest hygiene standards and guidelines as stipulated by the Food Standards Agency.

We take great care to ensure that all our food is handled safely and hygienically, that our kitchen is spotlessly clean, and that we are able to continue to uphold these high standards throughout the running of our business. With our quality catering service, you are always assured that your dishes will be exceptionally safe to eat.